William Eliot


BathML →


I'm reviving the community after a covid-caused hiatus. First event in three years is coming soon!

Alpaca →


I've joined this fun startup to develop image generation capabilities for artists and video game creators. I'll be working across the whole stack to build cool products with generative AI. It's a noisy world, and there are many companies loudly building in our space; Alpaca's approach at the moment is to improve existing workflows by adding AI powers to the tools that artists already use.

I've been casually exploring a wide range of ML products, mainly out of curiosity, although — naturally — the dream is to do like Demis Hassabis some day. For now I'm learning as much as I can, by reimplementing and playing with different architectures. I also own the domain names: label.ai, paperclips.ai, and forwardforward.ai.

I'm the tech person for Agnes Callard and Robin Hanson's podcast. We've released five seasons so far. I designed the branding and cover art, built the site, and even composed a musical bumper or two. I'm in charge of processing the audios and publishing new episodes.


Hopped on the Dreambooth trend and built an auto-scaling API for training Stable Diffusion and running inference, all using Kubernetes.

Mystic AI →


Engineer #3 at this YC-funded GPU infra startup (previously called Neuro AI). Built all the public ML pipelines (Stable Diffusion, GPT-J, etc) and led customer support / community efforts. Also created playgrounds.ai, and developed large parts of the dashboard. Explored efficient task distribution (via simulations) and the nature of the universe (via lengthy team debate).

Created the website for Robin Hanson's project on expanding alien civilisations.

DocSpring →


As the only employee, handled customer success and helped users to make the most of the platform.

Polestar →


Four of us were chosen from 400 candidates to launch the UK's first Polestar showroom, and show off the electric cars to curious shoppers.

Tesla →


Hired (at age 19) to sell Teslas in Westfield White City. Completed all the training, but I was laid off due to covid lockdowns.



Sold theatre tickets to passers-by from the original, famous red booth in the center of Leicester Square.