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About me

I'm a writer and developer living in Bath, England. I studied Literature at university but now I work at a tech startup. Given my equal enthusiasm for the sciences and for the arts, it's no surprise that I'm always thinking about philosophy, which interweaves the two.

The rate of extraordinary progress in artificial intelligence makes it a cool time to be alive, wondering how it will affect us and the universe. Many question the ethics of ML models as agents; I'm more interested in the ethics of ML models as patients. So I'm often reading about qualia, chinese rooms, attention, and minds. At my job I work on language and image generation.

Beyond AI, I'm curious about way too many things to be a specialist just yet (or ever). Alas, my interests are eccentric and free-roaming! They include: musical theatre, Hobbesian politics, big cats, 18th century art, aliens, flapjacks, swimming, rhetorical techniques, rainbows, and French documentaries. I'm particularly excited by things that involve self-reference and paradox, like mise en abyme, pathological objects, circular logic, palindromes, and ancestor simulations.

I don't know where my life is headed, but for now I'm enjoying the challenge of complex problems in AI. Engineering seems to be superb practice for analytic thinking at large. But the allure of philosophy grows stronger daily, and I may want academic credentials if I'm to become a credible technophilosopher. Let my writing here help me to formalise my thinking... and maybe entertain a few readers too.